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Samples of Ribbons


Charmeuse - 100% Rayon. A shiny woven herringbone pattern wide for knitting or crocheting.


Corde' - 100% Rayon with a Cotton Core. Best used for handbags and jewelry.

Curly/Black - Rayon Ribbon with Black Edge.

Curly/White - Rayon Ribbon with White Edge.

or Dazzle - 100% Rayon. Flat ribbon with gold metallic threads woven through it.

Groovy - 100% Nylon twisted Cord

Moonlight - Curly Rayon Ribbon with a Black and Opalescent Edge.

Luminesse  - Curly Rayon Ribbon with an Opalescent Edge

Raffia - 100%Rayon. This resembles straw, and can be knitted or crocheted for bags, belts, jewelry, place mats, pillows.

Reflections: Rayon & Polyester yarn with small sequins

Ribbon - 100% Rayon for knitting or crocheting.

Ribbon - 100% Rayon for knitting or crocheting.

Satin Cord - 100% Rayon with Cotton Core. Use this shiny cord for handbags, jewelry or trim.

Soutache - 100% Rayon 1/8 flat cord. Best used for handbags, belts, or trim.


Confetti Soutache - 100% Polyester 1/8" flat cord.

Stardust - 3/8" Sheer Wool & Nylon Ribbon with a Touch of Gold Metallic

VIVA! - 100% Polyester- Flat Braid



Ribbon Knits Book

"Ribbon Knits"
45 new designs to knit and crochet
by Judi Alweil

Ribbon Strand Necklace & Bracelet Kits

Necklace Kits
Color Shown: Tumbleweed
Bracelet Kits
Color Shown: Hat Dance


Urban Chic Necklace
Color Shown: Mud Puddle
Knit Necklace
 Judi and Co Needlepoint
Color Shown: Monet's Garden


Knit 1 Skein Curly Scarf
(color shown- Monet's Garden)


RCS223- Reflections Shell CW218- Charmeuse Wrap


CC204- Crocheted Capelet KSC206- Knit Soutache Capelet


RB221- Ribbon Bolero RB202- Reflections Bolero

Ribbon Colors

View Color Card 1
View Color Card 2
View Color Card 3

View Color Card 4
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View Color Card 6
View Color Card 7
Color Selections for Solid Raffia
Color Selections for Multi Color Raffia
Color Selections for Solid Groovy
Color Selections for Groovy and Papillon

Color Selections for Solid Charmeuse
Color Selections for Confetti Soutache
Color Selections for Viva


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